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As some of you may recall, my husband and I went to Egypt over the summer. As you may not know, my husband and I are also the proud owners of two garden gnomes, one gifted to us by a few of my favorite students, and the other, a University of Florida Gator gnome, a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law.

Well, while we were in Egypt, our housesitter received two handwritten letters. When we returned state-side, we called to check on the mail and the cats, and she informed us of said letters.

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Hey everyone - I'm the club sponsor for my school's chapter of schools for schools, a division of Invisible Children. We're trying to raise as much money as possible this year, so if anyone is interested in donating to our chapter, you can do so Here. Every little bit helps!


Today I:
Got yelled at by an old crotchety woman
Rode a bike
Ate a crab burger

And it was wonderful.